Sunday, May 11, 2008

Step 3 ~ The Money is in Your List

In Step 1, we asked you to consider ..."Who is your ideal customer or client?"

Another way to consider this is to ask yourself WHO will want to buy your product or service? You created your business to serve a need for a specific group of people. These people are called your "market." Who are they??

The sooner you can clearly identify your market, the quicker you'll be able to generate income. Knowing EARLY who you want to reach out to will save you lots of time, money and energy as you move into marketing what you do!

So before you begin your marketing, create an initial list of contacts. You can build your "audience" by starting with this list -- your money flow has the potential to start with this list, so it's essential to get these names, contact information, and other important data entered into a Contact Database. You can use the simple database that comes with your email program (Outlook, for example) or purchase ACT or other database-compiling software.

In your contact list, enter as much information as you know about each contact, including:
-- Name, phone # and email address
-- Address
-- Occupation
-- Personal and family information
-- Their website, if they have one
-- Where and how you met
-- Additional notes you want to remember

1. Start with EVERYONE you know who is old enough to buy your product or service, including family members, friends, and neighbors. Make that list!! Then think about who each of these people know -- everyone you know they know. Write those down, even if you don't know names. Just make a note about them.

2. Next, think of EVERYONE else you associate with ...including your hair stylist, dry cleaner, auto mechanic, real estate agent, attorney, veterinarian, doctor, dentist, insurance rep, store owners, barista, restaurant managers, etc. You get the idea -- make that list!!

Now think again about who will want to buy what you have to offer. You are ready to take it to the next level!

3. Do you know that there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of people who serve the SAME market that you do? What if you could tap into THEIR contacts -- people who will also want what you have??

Consider this: WHO CAN REFER BUSINESS TO YOU, DAY-AFTER-DAY? What types of people come into contact with YOUR ideal customers or clients every day? Which professions provide services or products to YOUR potential base of customers or clients??

Developing this additional list will lead you to a GOLD MINE of continual referrals. Make this list!!

4. And last (but not least) is the unlimited world of social networking! You can expand your market in a big way by joining social network groups that share your interests and are likely customers or referral sources for your product or service. Our favorite is Meetup -- go
see what groups are set up in your area. You can even start your own group! Take a look at ours (click here)!!

Once you've completed Step 3, it's time to prepare to deliver. This is when you start marketing and letting the world know that you're OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Step 4 is when it all starts coming together ...

get ready!
Devin & Maria