Monday, June 30, 2008

Step 4 ~ Get Ready to Rumble!

You are getting so close to generating money in your business that we bet you're in a state of eager anticipation! You've already figured out WHO will buy from you (your market) so now it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to offer your product or service by establishing your basic Marketing materials and systems.

First you'll need your Marketing materials, and unless you're a graphic designer you will hire someone for much of this part. Here is a checklist of basic marketing materials:
___ A unique LOGO that gives your business a "brand"
___ Business cards
___ Letterhead / envelopes
___ An Introduction letter
___ Postcards or brochures
___ A Report on your topic or industry that can be printed or emailed
___ Flyer with a list of your Services and Prices
___ Your business website

Your marketing should consist of multiple approaches to connecting your message to your potential buyers. These approaches will range in cost from $0 to several hundred dollars or more. If you currently have more money than time, consider investing in the approaches that don't involve much time; if you currently have more time than money, your best bet is to invest your time in the approaches that are no-cost or low-cost financially.

Less $$ / More Time
1) Face-to-face meeting with people
2) Networking in groups who can be referral sources for your business
3) Set up an online "blog" and write helpful information about your topic or industry
4) Introduce yourself with phone calls
5) Introduce yourself through email
6) Hand write a short note to introduce yourself and mail it
7) Write some advertising copy and post it on free sites such as Craigslist
8) Join Google or Yahoo groups that are pertinent to your topic or industry and get involved in the conversations (link to your Blog so interested people can learn more)
9) Create a monthly newsletter about your topic or industry and email it to your list.

More $$ / Less Time
1) Hire a professional web designer to create your website
2) Have someone create videos and audios to add on your website, your Blog, and other sites like YouTube. Always link back to your website for maximum exposure potential.
3) Hire a graphic designer to create postcards or other marketing materials for a focused direct mail campaign.
4) Hire a marketing coach to help you target effective ways to bring you business. They will be able to walk you through every marketing approach you're interested in, and can work with you to strategize and prioritize depending on your time and budget!

There are many advanced marketing options that you can explore as your business grows, both online and offline. Many books, workshops and trainings are available to help you market, so as you take your next steps to "successful unemployment" remember to watch what other people are doing to promote and keep a journal of ideas!

your partners in unjobbing success,
Devin & Maria

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Unknown said...

This is a good reiteration of the points you raised yesterday at your Un-jobbing Meetup gathering. I'm glad to have access to your site for resources in transitioning into self-employment, as opposed to being reliant and dependent on other people to generate my income.