Saturday, July 19, 2008

Step 5 ~ Deliver Beyond Their Wildest Expectations

Amazing service will give you something you cannot buy.

It will provide you with an endless buzz that passes on from person to person, and does not rely on any of your own marketing. Your goal is to whenever possible, deliver MORE than what is expected from your customers or clients, which will accelerate the buzz you most desire. Your outcome vision is to have your customers or clients telling their friends about you because they had such a great experience!

Maximize this energy by getting referrals and testimonials from happy and enthusiastic customers. Include these testimonials in all of your marketing, especially on your website and in your emails to other customers.

You can also create a monthly newsletter to provide new, helpful or interesting information to send out to your existing customer base. Find ways to show your appreciation of them, and include them in Polls and Surveys to solicit their input in order to fine-tune your systems and services.

Here are your primary keys to establishing a strong, ongoing base of happy and loyal repeat customers:

- Promise them something they strongly desire.
- Deliver it beyond their expectations.
- Keep them coming back by giving even more value beyond their “purchase.”
- Inspire them to refer new customers to you!

Rock their world!
~ Devin & Maria

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